Your bathroom should be both beautiful and functional, no matter the size. If your bathroom isn’t addressing all your needs, it may be time for a renovation. Whatever the reason for your renovation, Red Deer Plumb-Pro can help with your residential or commercial plumbing renovations. Here are the top things to consider when contemplating a bathroom renovation.


  • Bathtub. Always sit in a bathtub to assess comfort before purchasing. Check backrest angles and bathtub lips for neck comfort, and make sure the tub is deep enough for your needs.
  • Shower. Consider an open-concept shower or dual showerhead system. Red Deer Plumb-Pro can also help you update your plumbing and draining system.
  • Fixtures. When selecting new fixtures, look for quality and durability wherever possible. Choose from finishes like chrome, brass, and copper, but keep the style of the bathroom consistent.
  • Toilet. Today’s toilets are more efficient than ever, so consider upgrading yours with Red Deer Plumb-Pro’s journeyman plumbers to install a high-efficiency toilet to help you conserve water and save money. Another thing to consider is the shape of your toilet. Toilets with elongated bowls and seats are usually the most comfortable.
  • Sinks. Pedestal sinks tend to visually enlarge a room, but vanities with storage can be boxy and unattractive.
  • Floors. Look for durable flooring like ceramic, marble, and stone. Consider easy care and nonslip options like textured or matte surfaces and finishes, too.

Plumbing should always be the first thing you think about when considering a bathroom renovation. Red Deer Plumb-Pro specializes in residential and commercial bathroom renovations, so give us a call today!