In case you missed the first post, click here for 5 ways to extend your outdoor season using natural gas. As we continue to experience unpredictable Alberta weather, we thought up 5 more ways to help you get the most out of your summer season using natural gas and hydronic heating systems. Red Deer Plumb-Pro specializes in new construction and renovation projects for gas fitting and hydronics, so give us a call when you’re ready to start your next project.


  1. Natural Gas Pool and Hot Tub Heater

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, consider a natural gas pool heater to extend your swimming season. These devices are less expensive than propane or electric pool heaters, and they heat water much faster, so they are more energy efficient, too.


  1. Natural Gas Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is probably the most important element to summer entertaining and keeping that party going long into the night. Natural gas lighting provides a soft glow without harsh shadows, and doesn’t attract mosquitos and bugs like electric lights.


  1. Patio heaters

You’ve probably seen them on outdoor patios at fancy restaurants, versatile patio heaters that can be placed anywhere you need a little extra heat, up to a 20 ft. radius. You can get portable versions as well as in-ground and deck-mounted units, and they come in different sizes to accommodate smaller sized decks and balconies.


  1. Heated Flooring

At Red Deer Plumb-Pro, we specialize in hydronic heating systems installations like radiant in-floor heating. Install underfloor or under slab heating in your deck or patio to get the most out of your summer season, and, as a bonus the radiant heating will keep the snow cleared in winter!


  1. Radiant Heaters

Another option for radiant heating is versatile radiant heaters. Portable electric models can be mounted and moved as needed, or you can try wall-mounted models that are more permanent and can be left out year-round.